Eyes to the Future Middle School Girls Envisioning Science and Technology in High School and Beyond
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Middle school girls...
* creating an online magazine to tell other middle-school girls about science and technology
* communicating with women role models in science and technology fields
* developing relationships with high-school girls who have stayed involved in math and science in high school
* engaging in enriched science activities
Middle-School Participants

Middle school is a critical period in girls' lives as they start to imagine their futures and begin to form opinions about their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. As we enter the 21st century, we must strengthen our students' preparation for entering fields in science and technology. We need to address the current gender gap in science and technology so that girls are well-prepared for opportunities in new fields such as computer science, biotechnology, and environmental science.

"Eyes to the Future" is a multi-age mentoring program that supports middle-school girls as they make the transition to high school and make informed choices about the opportunities available to them in high school and beyond. "Eyes to the Future" uses the Web to link middle-school girls with high-school girls in their school districts who have stayed interested in math and science and with women who use science, math, and technology in their careers. The mentoring relationships that result help middle-school girls see how their work at school relates to "real life" -- before they have chosen or ruled out possible futures for themselves.

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"Eyes to the Future" was funded by Arthur D. Little and the National Science Foundation (Award #9906153) and housed at TERC, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Foundation. Please note: Funding for this project has ended and this site has been converted to a static archive that is no longer actively maintained.

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