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Website Demo
This demo of the "Eyes to the Future" 1999-2001 website shows how the "Eyes to the Future" participants communicated with each other. The demo lets you browse through the website and look at sample messages, but you will not be able to post anything to the site through the demo.

Launch the website demo

Website Screenshot

Structure of the Website

In the demo, you will see the five sections that were available on the website to the middle-school girls in the program in 1999-2001:

* Team Talk. This section is a discussion area where a middle-school girl can talk with her high-school mentor, her adult mentor, and the other two middle-school girls in her "team." This area also contains a "Gallery" of images for each team which could be attached to messages on the website. Most discussions in "Team Talk" have been about classes in high school, the adult mentor's career, science projects, and day-to-day life.
* Middle School. This discussion area is where girls can talk with other girls at their middle school. In addition to "social" messages, conversations in this area have included discussions about role models, differences between boys and girls, personal problems, and science projects. (Note that high-school mentors have their own High School discussion, adult mentors have their own Adult Mentors discussion, and teachers have their own Teachers discussion.)
* Speak Out. This area is where middle-school girls create an online magazine for other girls, using web-based webpage editing tools created by "Eyes to the Future" staff. In the magazine, girls publish reports on their investigations, interviews, and experiences throughout the year. To read the magazine that the girls created, go to Speak Out.
* Who's There. The "Who's There" section of the website is an online "directory" of all of the current year's participants in "Eyes to the Future." At the beginning of the program, all the participants fill out information about themselves, and they can update the information at any time through the website.
* Talk with TERC. This discussion area is where girls can talk with "Eyes to the Future" staff members at TERC in-between the weekly after-school sessions. High-school mentors have their own Talk with TERC discussion, and there are separate Talk with TERC discussions for adult mentors and teachers, as well.


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