Eyes to the Future! Exit Demo

Welcome! This demo of the "Eyes to the Future" 1999-2000 website demonstrates the technology that participants used in the program. In the demo, you see the website as if you were logged in as one of the middle-school participants. (High-school and adult participants saw slightly different versions of the site.) Explanations in yellow boxes have been added to the site to help you navigate through it.

The demo lets you browse through the website and look at sample messages, but you will not be able to post anything. To find out more about what a particular button does, click on it for a demo of the functionality or for an explanation of what it does. We encourage you to look through all the sections of the website and send us feedback at joni_falk@terc.edu. To leave the demo at any time, click the "Exit Demo" button in the upper right-hand corner.

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